About us

Our history

In October of 1984 Lexington Playcare Center (LPC) opened its doors and became the second full day child center in Lexington. Back then we were licensed for 24 children and even though each slot was full from day one, we were on a very tight shoestring budget. Inside we had tables, chairs and a few toys. Outside we had a fenced-in grassy area. We barely had paper to color on! But we did have (and still have!) devoted teachers and involved parents. Thanks to those amazing people, LPC became a happy, creative, successful school right from the start!

In 1985 we doubled our enrollment and added toys, art supplies, a climbing structure, and we absolutely gave up on grass!

Now all these years later, I think about how children grow older and leave us to enter Kindergarten. And sometimes a teacher leaves us to have a baby or move. But as faces change, the core of LPC stays the same. We have fun here. It’s a warm, happy, inclusive environment. Some days I might say it’s downright magical!

Our structure

Lexington Playcare Center is a non-profit childcare facility incorporated in 1984. The center was established to provide educational and childcare services for families in the greater Lexington area. A Board of Directors made up of parents, staff members, and community members oversees LPC’s budget, policies and other critical elements of the business.


Location and directions

LPC is located in the Church of Our Redeemer, which is adjacent to Lexington’s beautiful downtown business district.

From 128:
Take exit 31A. Follow Bedford Street for approximately 2 miles. Watch for Minuteman Statue on right, and take next left onto Meriam Street

From Route 2:
Going Westbound take exit marked “Waltham Street”. Follow Waltham Street for approximately 3 miles, until it ends at a light and you are facing CVS. Take a left onto Mass Ave and continue for 1 block. Turn right onto Meriam Street (before the Minuteman Statue).

From Mass Ave (from Cambridge, Arlington area):
Follow Mass Avenue through Arlington. Watch for Lexington Center (set of lights and brick stores on both sides). After light continue for 1 block and take your first right onto Meriam Street.

Follow Meriam Street for 1 block. Turn left into parking lot of Church of Our Redeemer. Park in the rear, avoiding “Permit Only” parking, and enter through our playground.

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Hours of operation

Lexington Playcare Center is open from 7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday, 51 weeks of the year.