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How To Apply

Step 1

Schedule an appointment to tour our center with the director. Tours are about an hour long; however, they can be shorter or longer depending on a family’s scheduling needs. 

A friend, grandparent, and certainly children are welcome to join families as they visit and explore our program.

Step 2

Click below to apply online. This puts your child on our waiting list; organized by date of application. Families are notified of openings as soon as possible, but in general offers of summer and September openings are emailed in the Spring.

Step 3

Submit the $45 application fee using PayPal (or mail a check to Lexington Playcare Center)*

*You should have also received an email confirmation after completing Step 2 with the  link below.

My wife and I are so happy we decided on LPC. This being our son’s first real ‘school’ experience, we were nervous about how he would adjust, but this year has been better than we could have hoped. His teachers are awesome; so thoughtful, communicative, and committed to his learning and well-being. He comes home with all kinds of stories to share and is always excited to get to school in the morning. Can’t say enough good things about LPC!