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Lexington Playcare Center is a wonderful school in part because of our parents. We have an “open door” policy for all enrolled families and invite you to drop by anytime! The teachers will keep you up-to-date on daily classroom happenings and will offer opportunities to be involved in these events as your schedule allows.

Four parents are elected to serve on our Board of Directors and all parents are welcome to attend special board meetings set aside for parent input. There are also opportunities for you to join committees, such as Fundraising and Teacher Appreciation. Many long-term friendships are formed when parents connect at these events.

Parent teacher conferences are arranged twice a year and can be arranged at other times at your request.

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Policies & Programs

Refer another family to LPC and once they submit an application $50 will be applied to your LPC account. If your friend tours and enrolls here at LPC, our $45 application fee will be refunded to them. It’s a win-win for both of you – and for LPC! 

We will now link our winter snow closings to the Lexington Public School System (LPS). Here is how it will work:

  • If Lexington Public Schools close due to snow – LPC will close as well, but just for the first day of a storm. If they close for subsequent days, LPC will make it’s own decision.
  • If LPS delays their opening, LPC will open at 9AM.
  • If LPS closes early, LPC will make it’s own plan for the afternoon.
  • In all cases you will receive an email about our plan (in the case of morning storms – usually around 7AM), and the outgoing message on our voice mail will be changed to announce the plan.


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