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Tuition Rates for 2019-2020

Preschool Rooms (2.9 yr – 5yr):
Days Per Week8-18-3:308-6
2$   753.00$  922.00$ 1,133.00
Toddler Rooms (15 mos. – 2.9 year olds):
Days Per Week8-18-3:308-6
2$  854.00$1,048.00$1,305.00

We offer a scholarship program to families whose child care costs place a greater than normal burden on the household budget and who have a reserved slot in the center. Applications are provided to all enrolled families in the spring once the budget has been approved and tuition has been set.


Currently Lexington Playcare Center offers families the option to attend our program for 10 months (from September through June), withdraw for July and August, and return to a reserved slot in the fall.

Families must inform the center of their plan to make use of our 10-month option by March 15th or they are financially responsible for a 12-month program. The non-refundable fee for this option is $225.00.

Tuition is based on a child’s weekly schedule, billed monthly and due in advance on the 1st of every month.

“Early bird” hour from 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. (or in 15-minute increments) is also available on a permanent or occasional basis using the rates below.

PERMANENT EXTENSION.  Rates to extend the above time blocks (i.e., 7:30-1 or 8-4) are determined on an individual basis. The office will calculate your basic hourly rate, add 15%, and apply this rate to the extended part of your schedule.

OCCASIONAL OVERTIME (early or late) is sometimes available. The rate for this service is $17.00 per hour for preschoolers and $19.75 per hour for toddlers.



  • There is a one-time non-refundable application fee of $45.
  • Unless other arrangements are made, LPC will assess a $15 late fee for every 10 days that your account is unpaid.
  • Any payments returned due to insufficient funds will be subject to a $20 late fee.
  • A late pick-up fee of $20 for every 5 minutes will be assessed if you are late picking up your child. In the case of a late pick-up after 6:00 p.m. the fee will be based on the time the family exits the building.
  • Other fees are charged to cover the costs of field trips, our annual winter Cultural Series, and summer activities.